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Take your Boat Sales Agency to the next level with up to the minute web functionality that is cross compatible on every platform – web, mobile, smartphone and tablet.

Easily upload and manage your boat information online in seconds.

Take your Boat Sales Agency to the next level with up to the minute web functionality that is cross compatible on every platform – web, mobile and ipad.

Easily upload and manage your boat information online in seconds.

Upload Boat Information

Boat descriptions in multiple languages, unlimited image uploads that upload easily and effortlessly within seconds that will automatically view on every platform – web, mobile, ipad etc.

Responsive Photo Gallery

Upload multiple images that view in full page, slide show and downloadable pdf format – viewable on every platform.

Add Notes

Add notes and relevant admin information for each specific boat.

–    Fully comprehensive listings that can be edited to suit your preference:
–    Full and Complete Boat Listings Options incl.

– Price
– Stock Number
– Year
– Miles
– Condition
– Length of Boat
– Beam
– Bridge Clearance
– Deadrise
– Fuel Capacity
– Draft Down
– Draft Up
– Max HP
– Dry Weight
– Passenger Capacity
– Boat Type
– Engine
– Engine Drive
– Interior Color
– Interior Material
– Responsive Slideshow / Gallery viewable on every platform
– Custom Boat Search
– Quick Boat Search
– Make and Model Filtering
– Available Options Selection

Sold Boats

Facility to add ‘sold’ when a boat has been sold and the boat will remain on your site for 2 weeks (or the duration of your choice) with a ‘sold’ banner across the thumbnail image and then will automatically be archived into your database to enable you to re-instate when the boat becomes available again.

Archived Boats

Database of your previously sold boats for you to re-instate when they become available again.

Instant Boat Search

Instantly search for boats whilst your customers are with you on location from your iPad or laptop via your admin area by ‘keyword search’ or any other criteria of choice.

Windowcard  Functionality

Instantly download windowcards from your Admin Area that have been perfectly branded and designed to match your requirements.  Our system creates your windowcards automatically from the information that you have inputted.

PDF Download Brochure

Download a boat brochure for your customers instantly whilst they are seated in front of you or else download pdf brochures of boats for clients and instantly email to them.

Customer Relationship Manager

Customers who add their details to your contact form on your website will automatically be added to your database.

Admin can Manage Leads/Customers

–    Add/Edit/Delete and send pdf brochures directly from your website.

–    Documents can be uploaded and stored for each customer.

–    Emails can be sent directly from your website and copies are stored automatically in respective client area.

–    Unlimited number of Sales People can be added and clients can be allocated to sales person.

–    Notes can be added for each client to enable full ‘tracking’ of correspondence and contact with each client.

–    Admin can restrict the information the sales people can view/edit and also restrict the upload of particular files(.doc, .txt, etc).

Newsletter Functionality

Our newsletter module works in partnership with your website.

Customers can sign up for your monthly/quarterly newsletter directly from your website and their email address will instantly be stored in your database.

Customers who enter their details in to your ‘contact us’ form will also be instantly added to your database.

We can also synchronise with any existing customer data that you have from outlook or other programmes.

We will create an ‘embedded email design’ that will enable you to target your newsletter to ‘all customers who have signed up’ to receive your newsletter from your website or alternatively, specific groups i.e. customers searching for properties within a specific price range or however you would like to set your groups up.

When creating your newsletter you can type any text you choose and add images and links that will all display instantly in your branded template which will be embedded into an email.

You will also be able to select from your database, via reference number boats that you would like to embed into your newsletter.

You simply select from a dropdown box the boat reference numbers that you would like to include in your newsletter and the thumbnail image and property description will automatically appear with a link to the property full details page already embedded.

The Newsletter will be created directly from your website administration area and can be sent directly from your website to your entire database of customers or individual groups that you have created.

Functionality can be added / amended to fit your individual requirements.

Please contact us for further information.