Pay Per Click, Google Adwords…

What are ‘Google Adwords’ ?

Google Adwords are the ‘adverts’ that appear at the top of the search results on the first page of Google and they also appear on the right hand side of the page – please see below:

How will Google Adwords benefit my Company?

google_adwords_thewebsitedesigncompany-com•   Your ads will reach 80% of Internet users  (Google has an 80% share of internet search)

•   Your ads will have a global presence

•   Your ads will appear on thousands of content related websites

•    You have no minimum spending limit

•    You can choose your own maximum daily spending limit (daily budget)

•    You can choose how much you want to spend per click for every keyword

•    You pay only for customers who click on your ad

•    You can track your results in ‘real time’

•    Your results are instantaneous

How do Google Adwords work?

•   Google gives a price to every keyword/keyphrase used by its customers in order to find the sites that they are looking for.

•   The more relevance the keyword/keyphrase typed in has to the content on your site the better price you will pay for that keyword.

•   The more sites that are ‘bidding’ for a particular keyword/keyphrase the higher the fee will be for that keyword/keyphrase.


A person looking for a rental property in Mallorca could key in the search box on Google the phrase: ‘Rental Properties Mallorca’.

If your company has property rentals in Mallorca and you are using the keyphrase ‘Rental Properties Mallorca’ in your Adwords Campaign and the cost of that keyphrase is 0.50 cents.

When the person is provided with a list of results and your company appears and they click on your link – the cost of that ‘click’ will be 0.50 cents.

If your daily Adwords budget is 2.00€ and that customer clicked on your link/advert then your account will be deducted 0.50 cents.

You will then have a further 1.50 cents still available in your daily budget.

If another keyword in your account is ‘Holiday Rentals’ and that keyword value is only 0.10 cents and a customer clicks on your advert/link to your site – your account will then be deducted 0.10 cents leaving you 1.40€ in your account.

Our work

Our specialist Search Engine Optimisation team analyse your website, research your business sector and provide you with a list of the most popular keywords/keyphrases that your customers will use in order to find your website on Google.

We will recommend a ‘daily budget’ for you that is payable directly to Google and we will tell you approximately how many visitors your daily budget will bring to your site.

We will create your Google Account for you and forward you your username and password.

Our specialist team will set up your Adwords Campaign specifically for your target audience to ensure that you not only attract ‘maximum’ traffic but rather to drive targeted and valuable traffic that actually converts into customers without wasting your valuable marketing spend on unqualified traffic.

Our work includes but is not limited to:

•    Adwords Campaign set up

•    Keyword research and grouping

•    AdWord Advertisement design and setup

•    Management of optimum display positions

•    Management of optimum display times

•    Delivery of visitors to specific product pages

•    Daily monitoring of campaign performance

•    Tracking of conversions at the individual keyword level
(where conversion tracking is enabled).

•    Ongoing campaign budget management

•    Ongoing keyword bid optimisation

•    Performance Reports

•    Ongoing corrective action for any Ad issues

•    Regular Email updates

•    Helpful phone & email support (office hours)

We will create your Advertisements using our specialist ad creation knowledge to ensure you obtain ‘qualified clicks’ on your adverts.

We will maximise your budget by monitoring the keyword costs per click and adjusting your account accordingly to ensure you receive maximum clicks for your spend.

Our Monthly Reports & Maintenance service includes detailed reporting on the following:

•    How many visitors your site had per day, per week, per month

•    Which countries your visitors are from

•    Which keywords/keyphrases they used to find you

•    Which keywords/keyphrases are your most popular

•    How much time your visitors spent on your site

•    Which pages are your most popular

•    We will monitor your results, analyse them and provide you with recommendations for budget/keyword changes to further enhance your campaign and maximise your budget.

Please contact us today for your free consultation to see how Google Adwords can benefit your company.