What is Banner Advertising?

banner_advertising_mallorca_londonA banner advert is an image that appears next to the main content on a relevant website – where potential customers of yours can see it. When a reader clicks on it, they’re brought to your site to find out more about what you offer.

Banner ads are adverts placed in prime positions on relevant websites that relate to your business or where your potential customers will be residing.

Banner advertising is one of the most popular and most successful forms of online advertising. They will increase traffic to your website, generate sales and increase brand awareness.

In its most basic form, a banner advert is a rectangular image which appears alongside the main content on a website. They are usually tall and thin (appearing at the side of the page), or short and wide (appearing at the top or bottom of the page).

Why Should I Be Using Banner Advertising?

The purpose of web promotion using a banner advert is the same as for any traditional ad – to attract attention, explain the basics of your product or service and encourage the reader to come and find out more.

However, there are a number of key features specific to a banner advert:

•    they can attract attention – you could use bright colours, animation, sound or video to encourage people to look at your advert

•    they can be targeted – you can advertise on niche websites which attract the right audience for your products or services, and even use different adverts for different sites

•    they can be monitored – you can easily keep track of how many people see your adverts, how many click through to your site and how many convert to a sale

What do we do?

We discuss your marketing goals with you and then devise the best strategy for your individual objectives which include:

•   Cross compatible banner campaigns for mobile, web, ipad, etc.

•   Design & creation of your banners which can include:

– Text Banners


– Display Ads


– Link Units


– Video/Audio Advertising

Please see below some well known brands using this excellent format for advertising.

Skoda Fabia vRS “Mean Green”

The Official Ralph Lauren 4D Experience

– Motion Banners



– Animated Gifs





Banners for Mobile Platforms (Android, iOS, and other devices with full HTML browsers

•   Text Ads
•   Image Ads

Mobile Devices with WAP browsers

•    Text Ads
•    Image Ads

Please contact us for further information on Banner Advertising for your company.